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ADOS image Optical Design, Analysis and Optimization program.
  • Easy to use - intuitive user interface with drop down menus, dialog boxes, check lists. All commands can be entered with mouse and/or keyboard. You can concentrate on the optical details of your problem, since user interface is easy and intuitive.
  • High Work Productivity - saves your time and money.
  • Powerful - all features you can need about designing, analysis and optimization of optical systems are displayed in easy managed text and graphical windows.
  • On-line Help - for quick and easy reference.
  • Free Technical Support - phone, fax, e-mail or regular mail technical support is free of charge.
  • Fast - uses fast and reliable mathematical algorithms for analysis and optimization.
  • Enhanced Optimization - uses both classical optimization and new global optimization based on genetic algorithms and evolution strategies. All this global optimization methods are based on imitation of the principles of natural evolution, such as mutation, recombination and selection as a method to solve parameter optimization problems.
  • Connection with AutoCAD for mechanical construction.
  • is powerful optical design program with scope needed to meet today's requirements of optical designers.
    provides an integrated software environment that enables you to complete almost any task in contemporary optical design.
    is full-featured program that can help you design superior optical systems.
    Best of all, does all this without breaking your budget.

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