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Welcome to Diginaut Ltd

Diginaut Ltd. is international software company with more then 10 years-long experience in software design and development.

We create and innovate and continually work to improve quality to its peak.

We are outsourcing experts, giving you possibility to save your money and time. Our project manager and analysts can come to you, analyze user needs, produce requirement specifications, save your time.

Diginaut creates applications that are responsive, modularly constructed, and easy to maintain.

First project that you outsource to us is with 0% payment in advance. [Read more...]

We have also developed award wining shareware applications and applications for mobile devices that you can download and try out for free.

This means that you can download and try all of them totaly free. Once you try them and see that they suite your needs you can order your copy for far less then what you would shell out for of the shelf products.

  • ADOS for Optical Design, Analysis and Optimization.
  • FolderWatch makes flawless backups. Always!
  • More shareware applications...
  • Applications for mobile devices...